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Jewelry with a purpose

bangle 46664

Montblanc, makers of fine writing instruments, leather goods, watches and jewelery, has recently partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to pledge a portion of sales of their upcoming signature bangle aptly named the 46664 Mandela Bangle. Montblanc, whose philosophy “Helping others gives success true meaning”, has taken  African craftsmanship into the limelight by branding the bangles with the prestigious Montblanc label and distributing them to upscale fashion boutiques and jewelry stores in the country.

The bangles are made with South African precious metals and hand finished by skilled craftsmen infected or affected by HIV or Aids. The 46664 bangle will be available at selected Montblanc boutiques worldwide beginning June 27th. The first edition 46664 bangles will be available in Platinum, 18ct Gold and Silver and come in both men’s and women’s sizes. All bangles are individually numbered and will also be engraved with Nelson Mandela’s historic prison number whilst he was imprisoned on Robben Island.

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