Ashley (ashsstar) wrote in aids,

So.. a little help to go a long way.

Hi Everyone,

I work for a hospital who has retail several retail pharmacys. When I was a teenager I lost a best friend and uncle to this ugly disease and so it's always been close to my heart.

Currently I'm working with a great group of people to put together a specialty pharmacy for HIV positive people. Our pharmacists would be really in the know with the mediciations and really be involved with our patients because trust and confidentiality is key.

All I'm asking is for some HONEST answers to these questions or only answer the ones that apply to you (but the more the better) to set up the best program possible. Or email me.


1) Do you use a big box pharmacy or a smaller pharmacy currently? And, do they usually have your meds in stock when you need your refills?

2) Is location a factor in choosing a pharmacy?

3) How importiant of a role does your pharmacist play in your drug education?

4) How importiant would a co-pay assistance option be? And, are you less compliant at times due to lack of copayment?

5) Would you now or in the future benefit from nutritional counseling?

6) Would you take advantage of the opportunity to have an AIDS service contact available to you to talk about housing, food, transportation, child care, employment, insurance.. or anything else that may be of an issue or another various program you may want to take advantage of?

Lastly two most importiant questions:

Confidentiality is VERY importiant to us.

7) Would you be more inclined to use a pharmacy attatched to a clinic to insure privacy more so than as to use a free standing pharmacy?

8) Do you have anything, anything at all, to contibute to make us a better place. We don't want to be the biggest.. just the best in service.
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