Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix! (kc_risenphoenix) wrote in aids,
Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix!

A Unique Request?

A Unique Request?


I am making a video for AIDS Walk Kansas City. It is to help inspire people to either walk, or to support someone who is walking.

So I need a good song! Not too sappy, not too sad. I am not going on guilting people here. That kinda thing pisses me off. I bet there are a ton of wonderful songs I could use, but for the last week, I’ve been a total blank for some reason. Please help!

Make suggestions? Upload something?

There is hope now. It isn’t necessarily the death sentence it used to be. But we need people to support AIDS research and facilities that help people with AIDS.

I would appreciate anything you can do.

Thank you and Namasté.
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