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Seeking HIV+ Guests

Positive Life, the newest addition to the Who’s Positive website is not only a live video weekly broadcasting feature on our website it’s an additional resource to continue to humanize HIV through first hand accounts of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Visit Positive Life and its features at

Each Sunday night at 8:00pm EST, Founding Director of Who’s Positive, Tom Donohue sits down to interview someone infected or affected by HIV, live from Charlottesville, VA. His guests who could be from anywhere in the world could range from a family member sharing personal stories and struggles of how they are dealing with Tom’s infection to authors, celebrities, doctors – anyone that can either humanize HIV or educate on the topic.

This is a live show. You can call in, chat, or twitter (@whospositive) throughout the show. Positive Life is just the newest addition to the vast amount of resources on Who’s Positive.

To express interest in being a guest all you need is a webcam and computer! Just email

Watch Positive Life at

Who's Positive - a group who is infected, affected, sharing real stories about real people - a five year commitment to humanizing HIV through first hand accounts of young adults living with HIV. Visit Who's Positive at

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